Flat Fork Creek

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This is a great trail network for beginners. All the features have bypass options, minus a small rock crossing which can easily be walked across. There are multiple line options along the southern half.

Need To Know

Mild climbs, possible wet rock garden.


Starting off at the shelter next to the parking lot, you'll go right and follow the paved path around the curve. The singletrack starts to the right, before you cross the walking bridge.

The start of the singletrack has a wooden roller, which includes a small drop line. Or you can bypass the roller feature all together and keep to the left. After this feature, you enter the woods where you'll experience more features. Coming up on the first teeter totter you can go left to Berm Coaster. This trail has a wall ride and skinny feature, along with multiple berms before it comes up to the Return Loop.

Follow Return Loop to the right along the hillside starting with a small climb. The Return Loop has a small log pile along with a quick rock section before meeting back up with the start of the trail. Follow the trail back into the woods, this time when coming up to the teeter totter, go straight along Right to the Skinnies.

This trail has small whoops, a wooden roller, wall ride and multiple skinny lines. After a couple of berms, you end up at Return Loop where you'll go left. You'll come up to a small rock garden, which may have some water flowing through it. Climbing out of the rock garden, you start Hill Side Hell, which is smooth with some mild climbs and quick flowing sections.

Towards the end, you'll find a small rock drop before exiting the woods into the open field. Follow the field to the right side of the large sledding hill where you have a gradual climb half way up the hill before going back down to the paved path and back to the shelter at the start.

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1.6 miles




Single Track

Night Riding


50 Feet


50 Feet