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I have run into two rider this week who were connecting the beginner trail to Schoen with out going on the road.  They were using the gravel (hiking only) trail opposite the parking lot below the hill. 

It is very important that this doesn't happen. 

There are three main reasons for this.

3. There are sections of new trail out there that are not complete.  Riding on them will cause damage that our trail workers will have to fix.
2. Those who oppose mountain biking will point to mountain bikers on hiking trails (even if you are walking your bike) and use it to say mountain bikers don't follow the rules.
1. There is a section of mtb trail that crosses a section of horse trail that is currently used by the stables.  Any Mountain bikers in this area would be detrimental to our efforts.

Currently there are only 2 trails open to mountain bikes, Schoen and Camp Glen.  The is a segment of the next loop that is not officially opened, but that is ok to ride as an out and back.  If you ride it, you must turn around at the spot where the trail crosses a large gravel path, and you can see a large bridge to your left on the gravel path.  Just after this section, there are trees still across the trail.  At this point you can see more mtb trail across the ravine.  DO NOT continue and ride that trail.  It leads to the horse trails.

Experienced riders, please be very careful giving fellow mountain bikers directions.  You must reinforce the need to only ride trails opened to mountain bikes.

All riders must obey any not bike signs.

If you see riders where they shouldn't be, speak up and let them know where they can and can't ride.



In recent conversations with other trail users, many seem unaware of this forum and the valuable up to date information it provides.  Perhaps marketing through front gate, trailhead or on-trail signage would provide more opportunities for users to become familiar with this great resource.  The park rangers who collect the fees may also be a great resource to let those with mountain bikes know the status of Ft. B trails and or communicate where to find daily information here.

I cross posted this all over the HMBA and Fort Harrison facebook pages as well

David Kuehnen:
Can HMBA not get a link posted on the DNR State park sites?  I noticed that the "Hoosier Trail rides" company has their link on the Fort Ben portion of the DNR website and they area For Profit (or at least they are charging money).  I don'rt see how it could hurt HMBA to have this site linked on the states website to help educate people about mountain biking as well as HMBA.

Jeff Blum:

--- Quote from: TonyO on April 06, 2012, 10:55:41 AM ---on-trail signage

--- End quote ---

This is the big key.  If we officially want to stop people at that point of the trail, there needs to be a big sign there blocking the way.

And not to derail this thread or anything, but signage is still a weak point for us at Fort Harrison.  The interim sign that Paul made were OK for a while, but most of them have faded and/or fallen.  We need to get official permanent signage and trail markers installed on those trails.


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