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It's time to get organized and gather support for mountain biking in Eagle Creek Park.  A new administration brings new opportunities and we will be intensifying our efforts in the coming weeks and months with the goal of getting access and approval.
Did you know that HMBA proposed a professionally built and designed 6-8 mile trail system on the west side of Eagle Creek over ten years ago?  This trail system would not utilize any land in the Eagle's Crest Nature Preserve.  It would only utilize park land that currently sees little-to-no use. 
Stay tuned here for how to get involved.   Until then, feel free to let Mayor Ballard's office know that you support the development of mountain bike trails in Eagle Creek Park.
You can also join us on Facebook at to show your support. 

I was out of town on the date of the annual meeting and was unable to attend the Indianapolis advocacy meeting. Is there a plan in place to lobby the city and/or open a dialogue with groups that may oppose such trails?
Iím not familiar with the previous arguments (or the groups behind them) against the potential trails, but I had assumed it had to do with the nature preserve. But in looking at the planning documents for the park, there is still a significant chunk of property west of the preserve and north of the golf course, which is where Iím guessing the trail(s) would be located. What were the arguments against the use of this land? Was golf course expansion an issue? 

Update:  The previous Director of Indy Parks resigned a couple weeks ago.  We believe he was told he wasn't going to be reinstated so he should start looking for a new job.  The change in Park leadership was due to the Mayor not being happy with Indy Parks.

Mayor Ballard is very much an advocate of cycling.  While he is not a mountain biker, he does very much want to see Indianapolis increase its ranking as a bicycle friendly city. 

While I used to think that HMBA was being singled out by Indy Parks, I eventually came to realize that there was a long list of organizations and user groups who were unhappy with the way Indy Parks dealt with them. 

I do believe that the changes in Park Leadership and the Mayor's desire to see Indy become bike friendly will create the changes we need to see in Indy Park's culture. 

The previous leadership refused to even consider Eagle Creek.  I want to be very clear that HMBA is done asking nicely about Eagle Creek.  We require Eagle Creek to be on the table and see progress towards a trail master plan that includes Eagle Creek. 

The best thing those who live near Eagle Creek can do is to get involved in HMBA efforts.  Come build trails at Fort Ben, be ready for new trail construction at SWW, Got to a trail maintenance day at BCSP, etc...  Post on the Eagle creek face book page about the trail work you are doing else where.  If I have a list of active volunteers who are experienced and ready to volunteer at Eagle Creek, that will help with our efforts.

Also, please consider going to the Mayor's bike ride this Saturday.  It will be a causual pace so ride your mountain bike.  Yes, the trails will likely be dry, so you may have to pass on a trail ride to attend, but if trails at Eagle Creek are important to you, you are going to have to make some sacrifices.  Let the Mayor see a lot of riders on mountain bikes!

Also, be ready for the Indy Greenway's 5 year plan that will have public input this year.  We will need lots of mountain bikers to go to meetings, fill out surveys, etc.... 

If you wish to contact the Mayor's office asking for trails at Eagle Creek, you are free to do so.  Please remember that the Mayor is Pro Cycling and we are seeing the beginnings of the changes needed for Indianapolis to some day be a mountain bike friendly city.

I would love to get involved with this project this summer.  I wondered for years why there were no trails in that park.  I hope to be back in Indy permanently by June to help.

Here is a Google Map of the proposed trailbuilding area (Eagle Creek Area L).  Rough conceptual drawings of trails have been included, but are in no way actual trail designs.

Additional maps and topos of the area can be found on the Facebook page:!/media/set/?set=a.267071136717664.61269.256647391093372&type=1


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