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New trail segment opened


So this section is new and still has some spots that need work.  please ride it with extra caution.  Also, it ends just before a horse trail crossing.  Please ride this as an out and back.  Do not blaze forward and get on the horse trail. 

This section is going to be harder than the current fire tower trail.  It is hand built and has more rocks and some logs.  It will test  your skill at picking lines.  If you like the Walnut trail at BCSP, your going to like this trail.

To find it, ride from the current fire tower trail head towards the main road.  Cross the road and head through the grass.  There will be an opening in the tree line.

If anyone wants to go out and do some work on there own, there area few sections on the older parts that are a bit grown over.  If anyone wants to walk it with a heavy duty weed eater, that would be great.

On the map below, the section we finished this weekend is the yellow segment just south of the fire tower.  The orange line is the trail we connected to.  Red is next year's rtp grant project.

Ride with caution and make plans for the next work session the second weekend of December.


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