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O'Bannon Work Weekend Nov 12th and 13th.

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We and a good turn out of experienced trail builders.

Saturdays crew was 8 strong, and the side slopes were shallow, so we made quick progress.

The first section of trail was in a flatter area and was mostly rake and ride.  It will be a nice easy warm up for what's to come.

This section is going to start the descending and hurt on the climb back up.  To get above a horse trail we had to run 7% grade, and then kick up to 10% at the top.

We did do one nice rock project.

It was opening weekend of deer season.  Someone got a nice buck.

It wasn't the hunters that had us worried, it was the high winds.  5 of us worked today to finish connecting to the trails that were waiting (IMBA Trail Care Session, Volunteer days, DNR trail crew work).  We had just connected when the winds really started to gust. We branches starting to come down we called it a day and got out of the woods. 


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