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Brown County Gets "Epic" Status

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We are proud to announce that the Brown County State Park mountain bike trail system has been named as a 2011 recipient of the IMBA Epic trail designation.  This is huge news, as it puts Brown County in some very exclusive company.  Over the last ten years, IMBA has only given the Epic trail designation to 57 different trail systems around the world.  In addition to Brown County, this year's Epic class includes trail systems in Wales (UK), Yukon (CAN), North Carolina and Pennsylvania.
The IMBA Epic program singles out the premier trails and rides around the country as selected by IMBA staff who consult closely with club leaders to find out which trails are having the biggest influence on riders, as well as land managers and decision makers.  These rides are the models that shape IMBA's concept of what is possible for trail recreation on public lands.

The IMBA Epic trail designation comes after 8 years of very hard work by the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association.  Brown County's other accolades include being named one of the top 33 trails in North America in Bike magazine's March, 2009 issue.  Congratulations are due to the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association, its members and volunteers that have helped to create the preeminent mountain biking destination in the Midwest, and one of the best trails systems in the world.

While it is appropriate to pause and enjoy the accolades, there is much more work to be done.  The vision for Brown County State Park's mountain bike trail system is only half complete.  Trail designers and leaders of the HMBA envision a trail system that will ultimately be  much larger and more varied.  Almost 25 miles of planned trails are still unconstructed.  If you'd like to see them built sooner, please consider joining the HMBA or giving to the HMBA Trail Fund.

Awesome news but I can't find it anywhere on the IMBA site. Have they released it yet?  Curious where the NC trail is, and the PA one.

The will be officially announcing this year's class of IMBA Epics in their upcoming newsletter, but said we could go ahead and announce the good news!
The other trails in the 2011 class include:
* Kerr Scott Trails
Wilkesboro, North Carolina

* Rattling Creek
Lykens, Pennsylvania

* Mountain Hero
Carcross, Yukon (CAN)

* W2 Trail
Afan Forest Park, Wales (UK)

wyoming cruiser:
This is well deserved! Thank you to all who have had anything to do with it from the beginning to the present and into the future.

Congrats all!!
One more reason to get more trail built   8)


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