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O'Bannon 2012 Game Plan



Blue = Trails currently built
Orange = Volunteer project for 2011/2012
Red = 2012 RTP grant project

Yesterday, we built the blue segment from Group Camp.  This gives us two large segments completed on the Fire Tower to Group Camp Section of the Fire Tower Trail.  The next work day, we hope to be connecting the fire tower to the blue section that is near the Pool.  This would start as an out and back, but with some good work sessions this fall, we could connect to the group camp area.  This trail uses 300' of elevation (HP at BCSP is just over 200')  This section of trail is going to be a great step in making O'Bannon a destination trail system.

Next work session is the second weekend of November.



I hiked the marked and partially built east section of the firetower trail today. I made a GPS track and took a few pics.
All I can say is this new section will be one heck of a ride when its finished.

Link to the google track

and some pictures of the exciting areas soon to be trail

Paul: If you add up the red, blue, orange and that sliver of green, how many miles would that be?

It should be around 11 miles.  There are another 10+ miles being planned in the State Park, and then room for many more in the State Forest.


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