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HMBA-IMBA membership on line


The HMBA-IMBA Chapter program is now official.  The most obvious impact to the average HMBA member will be the membership system. There are many other behind the scenes things that will help HMBA.  The new membership system will be handled by IMBA.  They have paid staff and can stay on top of membership better than we can as a volunteer organization. 

If you are or have been an HMBA member, you should be getting an email from imba.  If you live in central Indiana and have been and IMBA member, you should also be getting the email.  Now when you join, you will be joining both IMBA and HMBA. 

If you haven't been and HMBA or IMBA member and want to join, here is the linking to join.

Your membership fee will be split 60/40 (60 for IMBA).  The hope is to create enough funding to put an IMBA rep in this region.  So if in the past, you joined at a higher level, to provide more financial support to HMBA, please consider joining IMBA/HMBA and donating to the HMBA Trail Fund.  Donations to HMBA are not split with IMBA.


Paul Arlinghaus


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