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We can use this thread to discuss the FAQ and general social issues with respect to the Fort Ben Trails.

One thing that will help everyone is getting signage up.  I started yesterday, but there are more signs that need to go up.  To start with, we will error on the side of over signing.  If anyone wants to work on signage, come out tonight at the Lawrence Creek parking lot at 6:00PM.

I saw the signage at the beginners trail today, great job!

Just to pass along....six weeks ago I told my buddy Adam Reine with the City of Lawrence Fire Department about the trail.  He brought his crew out shortly after that to get familiar with where the trail is located.  I also forwarded a link from this site to him that has the google earth trail map on it so they know where to access the trail if need be.  We also do plan to ride together soon so he can familiarize even more.         

I'll preface this by saying the trail is amazing, no complaints whatsoever, you guys have done a truly amazing job.

I'm wonder if there are any bail out spots currently on the trail, or spots where you could skip a large portion of the trail? I.E. if someone wanted to take a half lap, or if someone had bike problems and wanted to get off the trail rather than walk through it or turn around. I haven't ran across any but wasn't sure if I was missing any.


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