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Are the trails open to ride? The official opening for Schoen Creek and Camp Glen trails is on Oct 7th at 11:00AM.  Until then mountain bikers and hikers may preview the multi-usetrails.  It is very important that mountain bikers understand the need to put our best foot forward.  Not all trail users at Fort Ben are happy about mountain bikes being added. 

What trails are open to bikes?: All the paved trails and roads are open to bikes.  The only dirt trails open to bikes are the new Schoen Creek and Glen Camp trails.  These trails now have signs at the trail heads.  Do not ride on any dirt trails that are not specifically signed for bikes.  If  you see a "no bikes" sign, you must obey it.  It is imperative that mountain bikes do not explore hiking trails!

I see some social trails near or off of the beginner trail. Can I ride them Absolutely NO.  These are illegal trails that have been hiked in.  They are poorly designed and cause a great deal of errosion.  These trails also lead to both hiking and horse trails.  We can not have bikes on the hiking or horse trails.  Do not take any side trail off of the main mountain bike trails.

Are hikers allowed on the mtb trails? Yes, and we must go out of our way to ensure they have a good experience on our trails.

What does yielding mean and who has to yield? Yielding means that bikes need to slow down when we encounter other trail users (bikes or hikers).  What happens next depends on common sense. You must be prepared to stop if needed.  If the slower rider or hiker moves off the trail, you may pass slowly.  It is imperative that riders slow down when passing.  Even if a hiker steps off the trail well in advance, you must slow down when passing.  A kind word goes a long way to ensuring trail users get along. If you know there are riders behind you, warn the other trail user.

What if I yield the other trail user is still angry Be polite. If they question the right of mountain bikes to be on the trail, please refer them to the park staff.  Please be polite and move on a soon as possible. 

Can I night ride NO.  Unlike most State Parks, Fort Harrison closes at night.  While the park currently closes after sunset, the trails are close to neighborhoods and we do not want riders on the trails with lights.  We may consider pushing for night riding in the future, but at this time we have too much on our plates to deal with night riding.

I see other riders not following these guide lines  Speak Up! We must put positive peer pressure on our user group to ensure that we are a good user group.  If you see riders heading on to the wrong trail, get their attention and send them to the correct trail.  If you see riders not yielding, remind them of the expected behavior on the trails.  If you aren't comfortable speaking up, send me a PM with details on what happened and descriptions of the riders.

Is this a good trail to do interval work outs or shoot for PR times No!  This is a highly used park.  The trails are tight, and in some cases have limited sight lines.  All riders must be in control of their bikes and able to stop for hikers and slower riders.  You will see many more kids and families on bikes and many more hikers than any other HMBA trail.

I am locking this thead so the FAQ stays on top.  I will start a separate thread for discussions and suggested additions to the FAQ.
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