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Support riding at night in Indianapolis


Each year, when day light savings goes away, it becomes very difficult to get in an evening ride.  The worst part is that the fall often provides some of the best conditions for riding.

The main argument Indy Parks uses against night riding at Town Run is that Town Run is a part of Indy Greenways. And if they allow night riding for Town Run, it would provide ammunition for those who want to be able to use the Monon to commute, even dare I say, after dark. 

Well, two wrongs does not make a right!  It is silly to not allow commuting on the Monon in the winter by prohibiting responsible riders (with lights) from using the Monon.  And it doesn't make sense to let Town Run sit idol while night riding goes on at Brown County and Versailles State Parks.

So please follow the link and support the petition to allow riding the Monon after dark and help the cause for night riding at Town Run Trail Park.

Dave G.:
I put mine in!  ;D

gt ss:


Many more bike commuters could use the Monon if open in the early AM/ evening hours...

Another way to "take action" in support of commuting in general can be found here:
Basics: a House Bill threatens to eliminate federal funding for bike & walking paths. Quick emails could prove effective for those who are opposed to such cuts.
P.S. It is to be discussed on FEB 2--I just sent an email...took less than one minute.


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