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Rode River Road park trail yesterday


Tried  out the River Road trail yesterday, it was alot of fun.  Its still new so the dirt wasnt packed very tight, which equated to sliding down the hill a bit on the lower half of the trail.  There is also some broken glass in one part of the trail, quite a bit.  Unfortunately my brother fell right into it, Whoopps.  I'm happy to clean stuff like this up.  Whats protocol for that, Im new to this.  Do I need to coordinate with whomever is in charge of this, or just go out there and go crazy?

Judging from the date of your post I'm sure the glass is gone by now.  I'd hope so anyway.  I don't think anyone would say anything negative in any way, shape or form if you removed broken glass from a trail.  Probably just the opposite.   ;D


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