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Potato Creek State Park

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The trail at Potato Creek is in great shape. It was recently trimed for the race last weekend. Downed trees from this weeks storm have been removed.

I'll add to this.  Was up that way and decided to check PC out yesterday.  On one side of the map, it lists the mileage as 3.3 miles, so the bar was set low for my expectations.  I started riding and the first 100 yards or so was rutted in a big U-shaped Yosemite Valley style rut followed by some soft pea gravel put in some erosion areas.  Oh well, I thought, I'm riding on dry ground in March and life is good.  But that apparently may be where everybody starts to see if they want to try biking, because the erosion and pea gravel disappeared and turned into very nice singletrack.  And 6.6 miles of it, realizing that the numbered areas on the backside of the park map were milage markers.  Nice surprise.  Not a lot of elevation change, but some interesting rock constructions occasionally to keep things interesting but not so constant as to scare off novices.  Some nice twists and turns - a trail to take people out for their first time but experienced riders can also enjoy.  Amazing conditions for March. Tons of people watching the nesting bald eagles.

Rode a few laps at PCSP yesterday and the singletrack was sweet.  The recent moisture made traction perfect.  The NIMBA trail crew have been busy improving some sections too...nice work. "Yosemite" is gone and replaced with some nice gentle climbing turns.  Ran into a very cool snapping turtle too. He/she was about twice the size of a large bicycle helmet!  Cooling off in the lake after a hot ride was just about perfect too.

I'll be up there this weekend (8/2/12).  Anyone want to meet for a couple of laps?

What time of day are you looking at riding Wheezer?


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