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Trail work day July 16th (Saturday)

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A volunteer workday has been scheduled for Saturday July 16th to clear overgrowth by weedeating and pruning trees.  We will meet at 8:30am to gather up tools, organize into crews and move out to different sections from there.  Exact meeting location at the park is yet to be determined.  The park will provide some string trimmers and pruners for tree branches but If you have pruners or a string trimmer bring them along.  For those who work we will have a cookout after with meat provided by the park.  Also, riding after we work will be free for those who work.  If you are particularly susceptible to poison ivy, we can have you prune instead of weedeat to keep you clear of poison ivy.  Or we will also need help keeping people supplied with gas for trimmers and shuttling crews from section to section by truck or car.  

 We need a big turnout so spread the word and mark your calendar now!

Keep an eye on the Westwood section of the message board for more details in the next few days.  Ride on!

Alex Sexton:
Aw man, my wife and I would love to help but we are moving that weekend.  Is there any chance it could either be rescheduled for a week later, or even have a second work day then?  cuz we would definitely make it the next weekend.

Stay tuned.  We may schedule another session if we don't get done on this date. 

Thanks for being willing to help.  10 miles is a lot to clear in one session so I think chances are good that we will have another one.  Good luck with the move.

Count me in.

We are meeting at the parking lot near the trailhead at 8:30 am Saturday.  Bring eye and hearing protection, plenty of fluids, bug spray, sunscreen, and any other essentials for a day of trailwork.  Cookout after we ride with meat provided by the park. 

So far we have 5 volutneers confirmed and some maybes for Saturday.  Join us if you want.


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