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Chris Ward:
I did a short 5 mile section this weekend after riding the rocky ridge and fire tower, I road the section that brakes off the fire tower and heads toward 462.  I probably pulled close to 20 tickes off of me.  They were everywhere, on my bike, clothing and of course me!

I originally planned on riding from fire tower to 462 to cold Friday, which would have been half the AHT and close to 26 mile ride including the ride back up cold friday road, but after riding the 5 mile section of the aht I realized I and my bike did not have it in us as I was having problems getting up hills, and I was dealing withs sevre chain suck caused by a king hub that needed to be overhualed....I cam to the realization that I need more time riding before I make another attempt.

Sound like you had a good time and gained a good appreaciation for the aht. 

My wife and I just returned from backpacking the AHT. It is a great adventure, some nice views and variety of terrain.
I am now awed by jim_michaux complete ride of the trail. It would be VERY hard on a bike... lots of hike-a-bike. I would like to know how long it took you to do the 20-mile loop? I would guess it couldn't have been less than 5 hours.
ps. We camped the first night right next to that stone chimney.

as the ride report notes, i decided to bail at the hard road, so i didn't complete the loop (missed a couple miles)!  we rode at a casual/easy pace, stopping to take photos, grub/drink, texts/ real hurry, so we were on the trail for around 7 hours. 

i hope to get back in early fall before the leaves fall to ride it on a cool morning. 

a winter backpacking trip would be great too!

Who else has taken on the AHT?  How long did it take?  How hard was it.  A friend an I were thinking about trying it out on Sun but I'll be on the clock to be back in Indy by 3pm.  Sounds like it's a real @ss kicker.  Is it really 5 hours or more to ride? 

6-8 hours for the whole thang.


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