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Yep, AHT's a doozy of a back woods ride.  Throw in a bout of end-of-ride puking, and you might call it an "adventure!"  Some words and pictures...

It's a haul to get down there, but for experiencing a remote-kinda ride, it's worth it (at least once).  Anyone that rides it one way, and then turns around and rides it the other way would pull off a huge "all mountain" ride in the southern IN woods.  Who will be first?!  There are some sick downhills on that loop, if you're able to ride 'em!

I did think for a few seconds that the rapture was upon me while dumping my guts.  Alas, I survived, and woke to see another day the following morning!   

Happy summer riding everyone!  :D

Yes indeed...the AHT is no joke. The gravel roads down there are impressive also. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Dave G.:
Nice write-up Jim!  I'm planning on convincing my fellow Trail Bums to get down there again and give it a try.  They've been there once, but not me.  I haven't had a good puke since prepping for my first colonoscopy.


Early fall colors before the leaves are on the trail would be a nice time to venture out on the AHT, especially if it's dry.


Rebounded and ready for my home trails this weekend--the infamous "beast of the east!"

Nice write up. I hope to make a full loop some time soon.

Does it look like the logging is finishing up?

I am sure the ticks are going to be bad there this year.


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