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New Trail Coming to Muscatatuck.

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Their will be a Trail Day this Saturday from 8:30 to 12:30.  Trail work will be provided by The United way of Jennings County
and any one with trail work knowledge would be a bonus.  If you would like to work, meet at the Visitor Center around 8:15 and we will shuttle workers to the work spot. 

Is this a mountain bike trail or a hike only trail?

Both, all trails at Muscatatuck are considered multipurpose trails.  Some more walking than others.  This will be a out and back trail that will allow walkers and riders from the community to access the trail system from another side of the park.  We will be calling it the Park Ave. Trail
because of the location to Park Ave.  in North Vernon.  The trail will be about .56 miles and slightly more technical than others at Muscatatuck in the past builds.  It should be a fun day of trail building, if you are interested in working, the above information will get you where you need to be. 

A little visual aid.

Guy, thanks for the visual map.  

A very BIG THANKYOU to the Jennings County School Corp. Athletics department for all their efforts today.
Almost 90% of a technical trail build was finished. 
With a couple more trail days, we should be able to open more trail a Muscatatuck. 


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