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Spring Mill State Park Mountain Bike Trail

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Can anybody give me a biker's impression of the Spring Mill State Park mountain bike trail?  If the weather forecast doesn't completely go to heck, was contemplating camping there this Friday.  Thought the park might make a good combo bike and hike trip.  Not expecting anything comparable to BC or FL, even Wapehani, just wondering if their definition of bike trail is singletrack, crushed rock, etc.  Worth a gamble?

It was not too bad the one time I rode there. It is not a very long loop, but still better then nothing.

There is a pump/dirt jump track that can be a little fun, but needed some attention.

Thanks for the quick response!  My 9-yr old son is more of a Limekiln/Harmonie rider than a Schooner type.  Will be coming from Champaign/Urbana area and need to be in Bedford Saturday morning.  Hope to ride somewhere if the weather holds!

I'll add my impression.  The trail is a 2-mile loop with a lot of crushed rock ballast.  Very easy, not technical at all.  Some minor elevation changes with one larger hill.  The trail is right by the campground (plus) and probably satiates the 90% of campers who go over to try it out, but I would have to call it more of a  moderate doubletrack rails/trails type of ride.  Dirt track is still there, a little rutted.  We got lucky to try it out this morning right before the horrendous rains hit (did the trail Friday).

Does anyone have any up to date information on the trails at Spring mill?


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