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Newest trail section + sneek peek
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Re: Pictures
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Nice video rod. I Liked the candy rock mountain song.

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From the rockgarden to the end of the newest section and back
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Re: Pictures
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Rod and Carla did some good work on the new trail at L2. Notice the trail doesn't follow the flags in all the pics. It was altered to provide a more technical path while maintaining flow. There is an "optional" trail with a drop, too.
Deviated from the pin flags to make it more technical. The flags ran more straight along the side of the ravine. The trail goes up and down, twisting through trees. This is at L2.

Slight uphill to get to the trees

Nice gap in the three trees. Trail goes down after going through them

Downhill side of the trees

Continuing downhill past L2.  The log on the trail has been removed now.

Going on down the hill. The big log has been removed, but the root is still there. Its a jump/drop if you take it high.

Farther on down the trail where it passes L2 and starts going up. The tree across it has been removed. At too much of an angle for the speed

Climbing up after L2.  Debris has been removed at the lip.

Sweet up/down through the trees

Drop option to the left.  It will be marked as "danger" and "one-way" here.  It will be marked "one-way" "do not enter" where it joins back to the trail

Climb up after L2 above the lip.  (Taken looking back from the drop option split)
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