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Trail Status Twitter Feed


I used to have a twitter feed for town run trail conditions that pulled posts from the forum.  I've removed that account and created a new one that does all trails.  If you are a twitter user, fire up the twitter machine and follow

updates hit twitter within 30 minutes from when they are updated here.

Hi Kevin, thanks for hooking up the twitter feed.  Is there anyway to get one dedicated for the more highly used trails?  I want to follow, but dont want updates from all the others around the state.  TRT, BCBS, etc..  Thanks for any consideration

I'm just going to leave it for all trails listed in the panel at the top.  If i start customizing it then i'll have to come up with a feed for every combination of the 10 trails to suit everyone's riding destinations. 

If you are a Twitter user, please check out @HMBATrailStatus if you haven't visited for awhile.

I have updated our Twitter feed as a first step in improving automation of HMBA's social media presence.  The trail status updates have been fixed (thanks, Kevin) and I have added two more RSS feeds to the list.  Articles from the homepage feed to @HMBATrailStatus, as well as calendar events!

I plan on adding this level of automation to the HMBA Facebook page, as well.  I set up a HMBA Google+ page, but there are some pretty significant restrictions over syndicating that kind of information over there.  The only free service I've found that can handle posting to Google+ appears to only be able to handle 2 RSS feeds at a time, instead of the 3 we actually have.  I have to decide which 2 feeds would be most important to post over to Google+. 

It seems that Google+'s "integration" with its calendars feature does not do what I need it to do.  What I need it to do is allow me to pick the calendar from my list of calendars to associate with the HMBA page and then display the events that have already been created.  So, currently I will have to choose 2 of our RSS feeds to send over there.  Any suggestions about which two?

Trail Status

I am thinking Trail Status and Events feeds should go over, since articles are posted less frequently, it will be less troublesome to manually post them.


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