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Radar for TRTP:

River Level:


Just a couple years ago, TRTP was Indy's only mountain bike trail.  So we made every effort to put TRTP back together after floods, even in the winter and spring.  Often times we would only get a few good rideable days in before another flood event.  With Fort Ben and Southwestway open, as well as near by trails at Avon and Rangeline, we may be a bit slower to reopen Town Run after flood events in the winter and spring. 

We will still work to keep TRTP open year round, but please be patient if we miss a few rideable days.  I don't want to pull resources away from building new trail to rush to reopen TRTP.

As always, please respect the trail closed signs.  Floods take a while to drain and the trails are left water logged and covered in debris.  Sometime there is additional damage that takes longer to repair.



I think it currently floods around 9'.

River stage and flow are also available here:

Cool thing about the usgs site is you can sign up for text or email alerts of river flow (by volume)
For thresholds you specify.  So for instance you can sign up for an alert to be when TRTP is flooding.
Once the alerts stop, you know the level subsided.  From looking at past values, if TRTP floods at 9 feet,
that would be about 7000 cfs.  Go to Water Alerts link on that URL above, put in your phone number or email, and select a notification threshold greater than 7000.


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