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Check out for our new Trail Status chart. Right now, it covers Town Run, Brown County, Versailles, O'Bannon, Westwood, Rangeline, and Southwestway. We'll be working on expanding this to other trails as we re-organize our forums under some new classifications (more to follow on that subject). Here's the key to the chart:

Red = Wet - Stay off the trail
Yellow = Fair - Some sloppy spots are present, use caution
Green = Dry - GET OUT AND RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're also working to make this script more compatible with our CMS (content management system) in order to add "hover over" text, and possibly hot links to the forum.

So post those forum trail condition updates coming (or send me a PM), I'll be using these to update the status.

Dno Out  8)

Looks great DNO Great work !!!!

Thanks to Chris Norris from OMBA for providing me with the script!

I updated the forum to display the trail status info at the top.  This isn't the final version, but i wanted to get some feedback on it.  Like it? hate it?  see room for improvement? let me know

I personally don't like how long it takes to load after the page loads, but i'm picky like that.  And i'm working to get it to load faster. 

I gotta say I really like the status chart ;D


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