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faster on a 29er:
New trail coming on-line this year at 106th & White River.

Carmel Parks Dept. has granted access to Hoosier Mt. Bike Association (HMBA.org) to develop the land along the White River at Hazel Landing Park. They will build & maintain a multi-use natural surface trail. Click on the link below to become a fan.


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Bill Ardery:
 Rode Hazel Landing with my 11 year old today, had a great time. Didn't have to worry about getting run over by faster riders. You never get far from the parking lot so if your kids get tired ,or have a mechanical, you are not out in the middle of nowhere.     P.S. I think the old car should stay , it was fun checking it out.

I agree Bill, the canines and I have been walking the trails for a couple of weeks.  Well kept secret, haven't seen many people and few bike tracks - probably you and the sprout.  Lots of squirrels too, bonus.

Took my 12 year old nephew over to Hazell Landing Trail on Sunday - great beginner trail!  Its kinda dicey around the turnaround at the north end - looks like some unfinished work.  Any plans to get a work day scheduled in the near future?

Is there any interest in turning Hazel Landing into a true loop?  The trail definitely needs some work as-is and has some sustainability issues, but the potential for a full loop in the 2-3 mile range seems to be there (longer if the grassy fields to the west can be utilized).  This could be a great place to go when TRTP is too crowded.

I don't have any official HMBA trail building experience, but I'm definitely interested in working on this if others are interested.  Could be a great project to work on once TRTP moves to maintenance mode.


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