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HMBA forum mission and etiquette reminder


I would like to remind everyone, that HMBA is a 501 (c) (3) organization that works for mountain bike access throughout the state of Indiana.   We work with mountain bikers, politicians, government employees, park managers, park employees, race promoters, other user groups, etc…..

The forum is a tool HMBA uses to inform and educate the mountain bike community and the public about mountain biking throughout the state of Indiana.

This forum is a tool that can be very useful for the mountain bike community, but like any tool, when used incorrectly, it can cause more harm than good.

I would like to ensure everyone using the forum understands the purpose of the forum and uses it correctly.

First, the forum is paid for and managed by HMBA.  HMBA has the right and the responsibility to manage the forum in a manner appropriate to HMBA’s mission.  Posts that are contrary to HMBA’s mission will be removed by the moderators.  The moderators will remove questionable posts first and ask questions later.  We also delete old posts as needed to reduce the data stored on the web site and make it easier for forum users to find important information. 

I encourage HMBA moderators to email or PM anyone whose post is deleted, but we are all busy and some times do not have time.  If you have posts deleted and don’t understand why, please contact me (email or PM). 

The most important thing posters should understand is that the forum is not the place to communicate when you are angry.  If you have an issue you wish to have addressed with HMBA, a park, an individual, etc.  The correct way to deal with the situation is to email me and I will ensure the issue is addressed. 

If a post offends or bothers you, don’t reply to the post.  Use the report to moderator button and the forum moderators will help you. 

Please understand that the forum is open to the public.  The views and opinions of forum posters do not speak for HMBA as an organization.  HMBA is reasonable and allows for constructive feedback, criticism, and discussions.  Do not take any posts as HMBA’s official position unless the poster identifies themselves as an HMBA board member and clearly states they are speaking for HMBA as an organization.

Also keep in mind that we (HMBA and the mountain bike community) are mostly a fun group to hang out with.  It is fine to have fun on the forum, as long as you respect other forum posters.  I do suggest using the emotion icons if you are trying to be funny.  Not everyone knows you and your sense of humor, so please help everyone know when you are being funny, especially if using sarcasm.

Paul Arlinghaus

President, HMBA

Just a reminder that the HMBA forum is here for the constructive exchange of information about mountain biking in Indiana. 

Please refrain from posts that attack individuals or groups. 

Posts intended to get people riled up are also not acceptable.

We moderate the forum closely.  If you posts are deleted, and you are not notified why, it was likely because they were on a topic that was trending in the wrong direction.

If we feel your posts are not appropriate, you will be notified and given the opportunity to continue posting.  But repeat offenders can have posting rights restricted or removed.

It is important to be aware of the report post option.  If you feel someone is posting something out of line, report the post.  Do not post a reply on the forum that escalates the situation.

Also, the forum is not the best place for some discussions.  If you have concerns about an issue related to mountain biking that would cause issues on the forum, please send me a PM and I will discuss it with you off line.


Paul Arlinghaus


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