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Post up the current conditions.

The trails are in great shape.  It's a fun trail with interesting landscapes around each corner.  Be sure to ride it both directions.

Trails are solid and draining well.  They're nearly perfect today and will be even better on Sunday.  You'll have about a dozen spots where the wheels will throw up a little spray but other than that you won't know it rained.

The leaves are peaking:

The older trails (the Buffalo Trace loop) should be in relatively good shape tomorrow afternoon.  I'd expect a few wet spots but nothing that would be damaged from riding.  

The new trails however (if you know where those are) will need at least another day to dry as they are still very soft and could be easily damaged.

I'll be riding tomorrow evening and will post another update after my ride.

Many new singletrack treats are ripening in the woods at French Lick:

trails were in good shape this evening.  There was a 1" downfall this morning but the trails seem to be staying solid and draining well.  This has a lot to do with the fact that the trail isn't getting overused when wet like many of the other trails in Indiana.  As long as the rain intervals allow a little recovery time 12-24 hours and we don't see a huge influx of riders during marginal conditions then these trails should continue to recover quickly after a rain.

There is rain in the forecast for the next few days.  Please keep an eye on rain totals before deciding to hit the trails.  Anything over an inch and the trails should be given a good day of sunshine to recover before riding.  thanks.

If you do choose to ride the new trail please plan on doing an out and back, turning around at this logover:

The 700' beyond this log was built last week during repeated rain events.  With the rain and last weekends race traffic the soils remain saturated and very soft.  We'll need at least 4 dry days in a row before this section will be ready to ride.  Please don't ride this section.  The ruts will just prolong the healing time.


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