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Trail Description and Directions


Thanks to Hamilton County Parks Dept. we have access to a new trail within River Rd Park at 126th & River Rd.  This trail has been built along the White River with access near the south canoe launch or one of the two overlooks off of the paved multi-use trail. It has been designed and built according to IMBA standards for a "Gateway" trail.  A Gateway trail is usually near an urban area and designed to introduce people to the sport of Mt. Biking.  This trail is nearly a 1 mile loop with an upper and lower trail built above the seasonal flooding of the White River.  It was designed for multiple user groups.  Expect to find hikers, runners and Mt. Bikers using the trail as they see fit.  The trail is open to run/ride in either direction.  Mt. Bikes yield to pedestrians.  Please do not use the trail when its wet.

I would comment on this new trail and ad "thanks to Steve Surette" he was instrumental
in developing this trail and additionally is looking to ad mileage at this present time. This
trail would not of happened without him.

Dave Tozer:
If you want to see a lap at River Road Park...


Great job on the trail. Thanks!   :)
(if the video "hangs" or "jumps", click on the "HD IS ON" button near the top-right corner of the video window - that will turn off the HD mode and then it should run smoothly for you)


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