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faster on a 29er:
Based on feed back from "you" we made adjustments to the trail today.  Until enough tires pack the loose stuff, we will hold off on any further refinements. 

Please continue to post your input

Typically we have work crews on the weekends.  I have a few tools if you prefer to work during the week? Just let me know

Next step signage

Rode it today ~4-5. Good up top and a bit too soft down low. Didn't notice how soft until I came out and there was stuff on my tires. Sorry! =(

Probably will be good tomorrow.

On the upside it felt lots better than last time! The bench on the lower part still isn't benchy enough and the trail still needs some more tires but given some time and tires this is going to be fantastic. The layout is better than expected for a gateway and I had a great time riding it today - was exactly what I needed. Will continue to make it part of my "road" rides (Head down to River Road hit the trail N-times to add mileage then head back. Great for getting a bit of road in but still getting a bit of off too). More tires! Can't wait until it's all nice and packed.

Oh yeah and whatever adjustments were made (I'm guessing there was one around the turn around? Seemed less abrupt.) great job! Felt way smoother and beginner like this time.

Would this trail be a good trail for 5 and 6 year old boys on bmx style bikes?  I'd like to expose my sons to riding on trails, they both want to try out what dad has been doing this Summer, but Town Run is a little too much at this point.

The fact that it is a relatively short loop is a plus. Any input is appreciated in advance, thanks.


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