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Kevin M:
I went out yesterday for a bit but didn't stay.  Much of the trail was pretty soft.  Since we got even more rain overnight, I'd imagine we should leave the park alone for a few days.  If any of the storms forecast for the beginning of the week materialize, I'd say leave it alone until next weekend.

Kevin M:
The blue status light means that we're entering freeze-thaw conditions. The trails are most vulnerable to long-term damage this time of year and then again during the spring thaw. See this post for more information.

Please: only use the trails when they are frozen over the winter. If you ride, run, or hike when the tread is thawed you will create ruts and mudholes.

This weekend, for example, would be a very bad time to ride. Yes, it will be warmer, but that means the tread that has been frozen all week will turn to peanut butter. Get your ride on this morning while it's still cold.

Allen Edwards:
Trails are solidly frozen and should be for the next couple of days. If you've got the gear to withstand the temps now is a great time to ride! Even with the interstate next door the lake and the woods are beautiful in the snow.

Allen Edwards:
Warmer temps melted the snow and it's been misting rain pretty steadily overnight and throughout the day. Trails are definitely red.

Allen Edwards:
Trails are in great shape. Ride now before the rain comes later today.


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