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I am going to keep the BCSP trail conditions thread pruned down to only those posts relevant to current conditions.

 If your post is of "archival quality"  please use another thread.


Now that I got my smart-ass comment out of the way, let me tell you what I found today.

Yesterday there was a small water-filled spot on GV that I rode by (figured it was small, it'll dry up). Guess what? Today it was still holding water. Every time a rider goes through it, it'll cause a deeper hole in the mud, or riding around causing the trail to widen.

Now....on to the stick-drained locations, at least 3 - 4 good ones on GV alone. I'm talking 12 - 24" across and a couple inches deep. They were bone-dry today. The two guys I was riding with couldn't tell which spots I had drained. Hell I had a hard time on a couple I didn't think they would have dried up so nicely based on how bad they were yesterday before I drained them.

I'm not arguing that true work-day trail maint with proper tools is the best way to do things, but simply draining problem spots & scraping the leaves & mud away from the downside (think hockey stick lol)  is pretty good preventative maintenance I think. The spots I opened are now totally dry & will likely drain quite well for the next few months.

If more riders would do simple things like this, there would be many less "problem areas" that have to be addressed by full-on trail work days.


 I wasn't trying to say that your effort weren't worthwhile or appreciated.  My point is that we also need to have organized trail work days at Brown County. 
Whenever I talk to State Parks or State Forests about more trails, their biggest concern is whether or not the mountain bike community can maintain more trails.  It is the most important thing we can do to allow us to continue to get access to build more trails.
Organized trail work days are important for several reasons.  First, it is how we teach mountain biker how to maintain trails.  New riders likely do not how to work on trails.  It is dangerous to encourage people who have not worked with experienced trail workers to do self-paced work.  If we want to continue to instill in mountain bikers the need for mountain bikers to take charge building and maintaining our trails, then we need to promote and lead organized trail work days.
Another reason is that there are many tasks that need to be done that require planning and tools.  We need to strive to make long lasting repairs.
The best strategy is to be preventive.  That means to address issue prior to the trail being damaged.  While riding, you are likely to only notice spots that have become issues.  If you walk the trail, and know what to look for, in many cases you can spot areas before they become issues and easily address them. 
The bottom line is that organized trail work days are required to continue to build new trails at BCSP.  I would really like to see some local riders step up and organized some regular trail work days at BCSP.  When I feel the trail maintenance is under control, then I can focus on building new trails. 

There was a tree down on HP before the storms came through. It was uphill from the bridge. 10-12", I think, and directly in the trail. Folks moved it aside to ride around it, but it was still there when I left as the rain started.

Also, turns out Mike Pence was staying at the Aynes House. I was taking a break at the top of Aynes when he and two friends walked up. I didn't know who he was, so I treated them like I treat all hikers. They were going to walk the fire road but wanted a longer hike than that, so I directed them around the Aynes loop and gave them one of the spare maps I carry. Then Pence introduced himself and shook my hand. If I hadn't been really surprised by the whole thing, I would've said something other than 'have a nice hike.' That's probably a good thing. Hopefully he got a sense that mountain bikers are a helpful, friendly lot.

However, it's too bad I know too little about the state's involvement and that someone else who does know enough wasn't there to give him the trail advocate word. :/

First, please report trail issues on the trail issues forum thread.

Second, we error on the side of leaving logs on Schooner.  Schooner does not need to be 100% Rideable.  Please leave the logs for now, until we have time to get some eyes on them. 



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