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Post current trail conditions here.

Tornadic cell approaching Harmonie.... If anyone goes out Tuesday or whenever... If you see downed trees or drainage problem areas please post approximate locations on here ... or copy this image  and mark it in an image editor with best guess on where the problem is......Post the updated image here or send it to my email   

HEllo- Evan has been out on the trails and ......below is his text and a map of the 2 downed trees......

......I rode the trails last night.  Overall they were in great shape, a real testament to the skill of the builders.  There were two good sized trees down, both leaning chest high over the trail (I couldn’t ride under them).  See the red dots on the attached map for (very) approximate locations.  Amazingly, the only significant soggy section was right before the second bridge on the walnut connector.
Other than that it just needed a little trimming back / picking up of small branches, which I plan to do sometime this week, most likely Friday afternoon.   
I do foresee some erosion problems in spots where the trail crosses the obvious natural drainage points.  It would be great if we could get a pile of rocks dropped of somewhere near the shelter so that we could wheelbarrow them out as needed to armor these spots.  As the build team noticed, there are almost no rocks to be found in the park.  I think I remember seeing a pile of concrete chunks by the boat ramp parking lot....

Paul- Sure thing. To everyone: if you're planning on doing work to the trails outside of rhino work, talk with the park first! Everything needs to be cleared by them so have a good idea of what needs to be done and some type of action plan to present. And then run it by Alex because he already knowz itz...

And by the way- DO NOT USE CHAINSAWS IN THE PARK WITHOUT 1ST TAKING THE CHAINSAW CLASS!!!! Chastity said she would schedule one for those interested... and if you're interested holla, and we'll get a class going.

hard chargin:
Hey Billy, So far there is a 4 mile loop and a 1 1/2 mile out/ back. I was out there last weekend and it was primo, and the camping is great. I ride the loop clockwise, it seems to be more fun that way. We also have Scales lake in the area. That's another 4 mile loop in Booneville IN. Both are a lot of fun. New Harmony trails are built so well your face will wear out from smiling before your legs burn out. Pretty easy to put in 2,3 or more laps in.


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