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Hey guys,

Im new to the area and would love to get out to the tails and clean and make some improvements/ additions to the trail system.

Who can I talk to? Is anyone heading this effort? Anyone want to build up an all mountain type of trail? anyone on board for renovations?

reply here or fire me an email at jln311 at aol com

Kevin M:

Although this isn't visible, there were three layers of dead limbs buried/sedimented in the mud, going back years.


The approaches still need a little shaping, but it handled this morning's downpour beautifully.

Very well done!  Nice job setting the stones to form a subtle trough with the approach armor anchoring the low point.  Too often I see rocks just thrown into the low point allowing the water to flow around the "armor" creating a new problem (I've made this mistake).  Looks like you avoided that and did it right.  Takes more work but should last a long time.  Thanks!

Be sure to choke off any potential cheater lines.  If someone can ride around the armor, they will.

Kevin M:
Thanks, Alex!  I've mounded dirt and positioned the excess stone to cut off those cheater lines, but I might narrow at least one of the approaches when I finish the details.

That rock armoring looks great!



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