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Brown County Current Trail Map

The 2012 Brown County Mountain Bike Tourism Map is available for purchase online or at a select list of locations for $7.50 (plus tax).

This new map features the entire Brown County State Park mountain bike trail system including elevation profiles, points of interest and the Brown County Breakdown IMBA "Epic" route.  It also includes the ONLY map to link the Nebo Ridge and Hickory Ridge trail systems in the Hoosier National Forest.

Here's the link to the free State Park trail map, however this map does not show the entire mountain bike trail system:

Also, there are trail signs at most intersections that look similar to this:

There is lots of additional trail information including GPS files, helmet cam, photos, Google Earth maps and more at:


--- Quote from: gnawbonelefty on July 06, 2006, 09:41:08 AM ---Brown County Current Trail Map. And this was updated a while ago. They wanted to talk about it, but it said here that they had closed it. This was better.

--- End quote ---

Do you have a more recent update on this?  Planning to go with my family this weekend. An updated link would be best. Thanks

The DNR link in indytriple's post is the current map from the DNR and I believe up to date.  (There will be 1 more additional trail any day now though.) These maps are also available at the gate house when you enter. 
You can also check our trail guide for some maps and general information about the trails:  These maps are based on [size=78%][/size] where you can find maps for the majority of our trails around the state.  It also has a smartphone app so you can use it with your GPS on your phone and allows you to download the maps to the phone for when you can't get a data connection.
And my preference, the Brown County Tourism Map is a large, laminated, fold-able and easy to read option.  They're available at Hesitation Point Bike in Nashville, just a few minutes from the park, and may other cycle shops in the state.

The park map and the large, glossy tourism map are both current as far as trails that are currently open and ready to ride.  Since there had been no additional trails added in the past few years we did not update the map. 

A new Brown County Mountain Bike Tourism Map is in the works however and should be expected in early 2015!


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