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Time to do some spring trail work at Avon. Meeting at 8:oo Saturday morning up by the playground and working till noon. If you can't make it by 8:00 i'm sure you can find us out on the trail. Bring water and work gloves.

                            Thanks, Brian B

   I might be able to help saturday morning, do you have the tools needed?  I am new to this and just helped a couple weeks ago at Ferdy, but I am short on equpment.  For anyone what type of work gloves are best to buy?  At ferdy my long fingered riding gloves didn't work out so well when it came time to pull thorn bushes.

Thanks for responding.  I look forward to seeing you on the trail Saturday morning.  I have enough equipment supplied by the Park.  Any kind of leather work glove is fine.  I appreciate your willingness to help.


As of this time 6:47 pm Fri. night, work at Avon is still ON!!  There is high ground work that can be done too.    Not all work either, there is a good coffee shop close to the park for a post work brew (in the same parking lot is Legends for a post work brew too).  Come out and join us!  This park HAS purchased 80 more acres, and it is up to us to maintain our relationship so that more MILES may be added SOON!!  Thank you too ALL who donate their time!!

Sorry I could not make it we are in the process of moving. I would like to thank the people that do go. I used to travel with my job but i am not any more and am really excited to bo able to help maintain the trails i enjoy to ride. Please post for the next time you are going to work or pm me and i will give you my number so we can get in touch.


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