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Todd H:
I am planning on trimming some of the trails this Saturday. I will be at the maintenance barn about 12:30pm. I spoke to Steve ( head maintenance worker) today and signed a waiver so that I could use their tools. If anyone can help, let me know or talk to Steve at the park. I will post what gets done Saturday.

Unfit Nitwit:
Thanks for taking car of the trails Todd.

Todd H:
 I was able to get the section of trail that starts out just south of the train trestle to where it comes out at the grassy field by the lower pond. I was also able to get Whipple trail, the loop east of the iron bridge, done.


Spring is lurking around the corner.

I'm new to mountain biking and I don't even own a bike yet, but I love it. I'm interested in helping with this trail system since I live right here in Avon. Wife works evenings so after 6:30 I'm usually free. Sometimes I'm free on the weekends as well, depending on when she works. I had a lot of free time last summer (played disc golf, went running, did some road cycling) and thought I might be able to donate some of it to building this year, plus it would be a chance to network with some local riders. I don't know many people in the area since I'm sort of new to living here. I own no real yard tools other than a hand pruner and a lawn mower so I really don't have equipment but I will help in any way I can.

Seems like the Avon trails are completely nonexistent in these forums so I'm up for bringing it back from the grave.  ;)
Just let me know if there is ever going to be trail building/maintenance here.



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