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Is the Avon trail in any sort of riding condition for tomorrow?

There are too many wet spot to ride at Avon and it is raining again now. But we did get some good trail work in this morning! Thanks again to Darin, Bill and Bob for your help! I will post a couple days in advance when there is another work day.

          Brian B

Once again, a BIG thank you to all who helped!!!  A lot was acomplished!!  Ridable soon if it holds off a little while.  Thanks to all the B's....Bill, Bob, and Brian!!

Thanks Again!!!

I did some trail work with the help of my two children Kate and Trevor Saturday afternoon right after the down pour of rain. Since I had my two children, I didn't contact anyone else to help because I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Anyone with children I'm sure understands. We work on some more wet spots on gamblesrun and the lower singletrack trails. The areas we worked on the weekend before are working good! The bigger project that we worked on was a trail reroute to higher ground right before the train bridge. It's usable now, but it needs a little more work on the southend and I would like to build a bridge on the north end to cross the drainage water because it is like a small stream this time of year. The park has wood to build a cribwall on gambles run were it is erroding. So hopefully we can work on some of these areas next weekend.

                           Brian B

We are doing trailwork this Saturday at Avon park.  There is alot of work to get the trails in the best shape that we can for the DINO Race on the 21st and to just improve the trails for this year's riding season.  So... if you enjoy riding Avon and would like to help make it even better, we are meeting down at the maintenance barns at 8am, Saturday morning and working until 1pm. 
If you cannot be there by 8am... show up when you can!  We will be doing work at the beginning of the trail head First Bridge, on Gamble's Run and back by the Train Bridge.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Brian B


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