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Join me for a morning of trailwork at Avon Park!  I am going to be working tomorrow morning (Saturday, April 8th) at about 7:30am.  We will be cutting in a new little section of trail on the other side of the old steel bridge, south of the baseball diamonds.

Call my cell if you can help! 679-4144


Cut-in a new little section of trail this morning,even though nobody called to help. I know I didnt give much of a notice, so I really wasn't expecting anyone to be available. But if anyone wants to help, give me a call so I can put you on my phone list for next time. Anyway the trail is across the creek on the other side of the old steel bridge. Now there is a complete loop of single track over there, instead of having to ride up the little rode to the bridge to finish a loop.
   Also wanted to let everyone know the trails were dry there this morning so it's good for riding. Im really surprised how quick it drys up there this time of year.

                   Brian    Ph# 317-679-4144

Hey Andrew,
I really enjoy the new trail we all put in last spring too. I did a little trail work  at odd hours this past friday and monday so I didn't call any one for help. But when I do plan another trail work day I'll call you and post it here.



I'm certain that you would appreciate all the help you can get.  If you give me a couple weeks heads up I'd love to come and help take care of the trail.  Never worked on trails yet, but I've got a good back and an ipod.  Contact me @ doogieemt@earthlink.net or 3175176088



Hey Nathan,
    Thanks for wanting to help with trail work. I Probable will not do much if any more trail work this spring because now I am buzy with my kids sports. But I will be sure to call you this fall when things slow down and I can do some trail work.
   By the way I rode wednesday night and the trail was pretty good. Only a few wet spots. And the weeds are growing up on the trail across the steel bridge. I talked to Gary today and he already new about it and said his guys were going to cut them back. So all and all its good riding at avon if this new bunch of rain didn't make it a mess. And if it did I'm sure it will dry out in the next day or so.



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