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Trails were good Monday afternoon, and should be great the next 2 days.  The winter has eroded some of the rooted sections further, making for more challenge.

The bad news is that hikers & "freeriders" are creating new fall line trails throughout the park.

Please beware if you ride here the hikers own the right of way.  It can be quite frustrating as many people will walk the advanced sections forward, backward, or just connect whatever section of trail where and when they choose.  What makes this even worse is that many of these people are walking very small children.  I had to wait several minutes at one section today as a mother carried some toddlers down a hill one at a time.  They try to get the kids off to the side, but for some reason a bicycle has a magnetic attraction to small children.  They become mesmerized and walk straight at the bikes as they are passing.

Despite the hassles, this trail provides far more challenge than anything else in Indy (for what that is worth), and dries quickly.

Dave G.:
Checked out WTP for the first time, and it is definitely different.  The beginner sections are really easy, while the Advanced sections are pretty tough.  Mostly the advanced sections are even more narrow than BCSP.  The only Advanced section I rode was Gamble's Run, and it was fun.  Nice and dry to dusty.  Nearly all the beginner trails had several mudholes, some pretty big due to riders riding around them, but the trails themselves were dry to dusty also.  A friend warned me that WTP was pretty technical, and he was right, as far as the Advancd areas were.  Lots of runners and walkers out there too.


Gary, the park manager informed me that three guy's with M.T.bikes and a axe took it upon themselves to make a down hill run straight down the ridgeline of the hill off gambles run sunday. If anyone spots someone making unotherized trails at the park please stop them! If they give you any trouble call the police. To many people have put their time and effort in on these trails to let a few people ruin it for the rest of us. Thanks for your help in advance!

                            Brian B


--- Quote from: WA_Implant on September 17, 2008, 02:54:13 PM ---I thought this park was pretty sick! I'm new to the area and have now been out to Westwood and Town Run. I'm not sure that I rode the "new trail" as I was just trying to get my bearings for the first time yesterday. The trail was in prime condition minus the few previously mentioned leaves and twigs. It did get busy around 4 o'clock ish with misc. runners and hikers.

The Poplar Pass trail and Willow Ridge trails rock. I was just curious about the one large step-up on the Willow trail. Anyone else have find trouble with it? My one other concern was the length of the 2nd bridge in Brian's Freeride. It seems as though it maybe should be shorter or longer? I was landing right at the end and felt like maybe I could have been able to jump a little bit farther.

I would love to help out with trail work whenever possible, but I'm not always around a whole lot. Do you have a list of things you would like to get done or regular workdays?
This is the closest riding area for me and has a lot of potential I believe with the hills and all.


--- End quote ---

Hey Chris! Welcome to the area! I agree with you and Mo that Avon is a great place to ride.

As far as the 2nd bridge on the Freeride trail... I agree it would be a little nicer to make the bridge longer. That way , after you jump the tabletop portion you would have more room for your front wheel to land on the bridge before you drop off. The only thing is, it is hard to spend time dailing in one feature of the trail that works as is, when there is so much other trail repairs that need to be done. Like Cribwall building, Mud hole fixing, weed eating and New trail building.

We can sure us your help with trail work when you are around. Right now is too buzy for me and most people. After my boys football is over and the Brown County Breakdown, I will be planning some trail work days (end of Oct.). I will put a post on this forum stating what weekend day that we are going to work and then I have a list of ph#'s that I call too. If you want to be on the ph list send me a personal message with your ph#. Thanks for your interest in wanting to help!


--- Quote from: off_road on October 01, 2008, 10:18:47 PM ---Rode tonight for the third time this past week. Trail is in amazing shape. Only slight problem is the avon cross country team uses the park for practice so during the week you sometimes get stuck behind a group of runners. Just a minor inconvenience though.

Also what is the story behind the larger freeride ramp? I read somewhere it used to be bigger or something but I never saw it that way because it was changed before I started coming to the park.

--- End quote ---

Yes, the 1st and 2nd  bridges on the freeride trail were both taller and more challenging when that trail was built back in 2005. The Bridges were purposely designed and built to add challenge to the trail with the park managers backing and approval.

But sense then, new management has taken over and a few people have gotten hurt on those bridges. The New management didnít stand up to the fact that it is a purpose built trail with a warning sign stating that. They told me that we need to make them safer for the average rider or we will have to take them out completely. So a few of us that originally built the bridges, spent another Saturday lowering and redoing them to make the bridges less challenging.

Even now a person got hurt this summer on the 2nd bridge. That is why the additional signs are up on both ends of the bridge (Good Idea) and the manager put up that ridiculous orange fence. Itís impossible to keep people from hurting themselves!


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