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Post trail conditions here.

Trails are in great shape!  Go ride.

Does anyone know the current conditions at Franke?  I'd like to ride there tomorrow, wednesday afternoon.  I've never ridden there before so if anyone has route suggestions I'd appreciate it.  Thanks

The last time I rode up there, the trails were very poorly marked and very frustrating. But after riding with a local the trail became much more enjoyable and a fun ride. I heard the trail is soft and wet on in a few spots.

Hey John,
Franke has been overhauled by the local cycling group, and has been marked, fixed, and improved greatly.  There are also new sections coming with more technical features.  As of last week, the trails were very dry and fast, with a few slightly soft spots.  It does stay wet when really rained upon, so after this past storm, they will be wet for a while.  Feel free to stop into Summit City Bicycles to check out a map, or get some tips for some additional trails.



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