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April 7th, 2011 Had our 2nd Mid Week Madness Group Ride yesterday. Currently riding the high ground reversal route, which is an out and back. The Basement, Trailer Run and The Far Creek are still too muddy to ride. We are expecting rain this afternoon but hopefully it will pass us by. Check website before coming.

Outback Trail Webman

 ;D The Outback Trail @Imagination Glen is in really good condition for this time of the year. Our 3rd Mid-Week Madness Wednsday Afternoon Group ride had a really good turnout. 18 riders showed up for a great ride. The Basement, Far Creek Run and Trailer Run are still closed. Hike around any other muddy sections please.

A lot of rain this week with more coming. Yesterday we were able to do a high ground reversal on the trail. Hopefully NOT too much more rain for a while. Basement, Trailor Run are closed as is Far Creek Run.

Nobody posts in here??  8)

We rode this afternoon, dry & dusty! Very fun as always :)

Will the outback trail be rideable Sat morning? We are from Lafayette area and looking for a place to ride.


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