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Wanted - old 26" suspension fork & shock
« on: August 23, 2022, 09:24:37 PM »
I'm looking to raid your cast off parts pile or old bikes for a Suspension Fork and Rear Shock.

I'm REALLY not needing to go very high end, just aiming for better than a "SR Suntour XCP 75'' fork &  "Giant HV" shock. I like my bike and know that it has become old, and if i were to go for a new bike the wife would want one too...

Looking for something along the lines of:

26" wheel
IS - brake mount (the flat plate with 2 holes)
Quick Release 9mm axle (not through-axle)
100mm travel (roughly)
1-1/8" straight Steer (not tapered)
Or if you've got other parts that go with it, much less strict about specs

7.5"  between rear shock mount bolt centers
2" stroke

Around Indianapolis, IN area
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