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2021 Updates


Hey everyone!

I'm new to the mtb community, having bought my first hardtail in March 2021. The first thing I did was reach out to Greg Martin (parks director) and get his permission to do some trail work.

I cleared out 95% of the drainage on blue, green, and black. I tried to build a berm-jump behind the lake, but I'm totally inexperienced and made a mess back there...

Overall I did more good than harm, but I wish there were others who want to put some features into these trails, or even start the process of planning a mtb-only trail.

I also wanted to get opinions on whether we should clear the humus off the downhill trails just during the spring. (mainly the fast flow on the backside of black, behind the baseball field).  I think the freeze-thaw cycles are finished this year, and fall leaves should protect it for next season.


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