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Kickapoo MTB Illinois new trail & new app


It's been a good number of years since my last post on here regarding the Kickapoo mtb trails near Danville, Illinois. Previous postings about Kickapoo regarded virtual trail maps created using Esri GIS technology. Those apps are not longer supported, so I've created an immersive story map contained within the Esri ArcGIS Online platform. This new story map provides an in-depth narrative of the trails with supplemental information.

The local club, KMBC, has been hard at work cutting in new trail, maintaining existing trail and performing overall improvements. Creating this virtual presence goes hand-in-hand with the awesome dedication they've put into the physical side. I hope you enjoy this story map, and if you happen to find yourself in Kickapoo, let them know how much you appreciate their efforts. See you on the trails!

Kickapoo Mountain Biking

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