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Conditions of Hoosier National Trails??


Does anyone here frequent the area and ride these trails (the Hoosier National ones)?

I'm considering taking a couple days to come down and explore, possibly even a short bikepacking trip. But since nobody has even been active on this forum regarding these trails for over a year now I have no idea if they are passable by bike or not. What kind of condition are the trails in? I'm familiar with Nebo and Combs but not these other trails that seem to criss cross all over the forest. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

In general, yes they are all good to go.  Some of the areas may still have some downed trees from the early summer storms, but nothing that should keep you from having a great few days of riding.  I've only hit Blue Creek, Nebo, Combs and 18 & 19 this year, but all were in decent to good shape.  I've got several friends that live and ride all through the area and haven't heard anything different from them.

Rode Nebo>20>18 then the road back to combs this weekend,couple trees down on combs. I read that there is work being done to trails 3,4 and 10 and are closed.

Good to know. thanks. Wasn't sure if I might be wasting my time but I'd like to ride some new-to-me stuff. Sounds worth checking out.


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