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HMBA Updates: Next Level Trail Grant and HMBA Finances


Steve King:

When - Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 6 PM 8:30 PM

Where - Zipp, 5315 Walt Pl, Indianapolis, Indiana 46254

We have had some requests for more detailed information on HMBA's fiances.  Some of the requested information is more than we feel comfortable making public, but we are willing to show in a meeting format.  An over view of HMBA finances and breakdown how our large grants played out financial will be presented and then we will answer questions. 

We also will present on our current grant project "Next Level Trail  Grant" at Brown County State Park.  This will include information on the trail we are currently building and will have open for this year's epic event. 

While digging deep into HMBA's Finances may not seem like much fun, It is important for our members to have a basic understanding of how HMBA spends its funds. 

And there will be beer!

Steve King:


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