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Southwest way Park- New Parameter trail on south end of park 6-14-2019


Hi,  QUESTION?  the NEW trail on the southend of the park through the River Oxbows and around the I69 project patch is pretty overgrown with tall grass.   OK if next week I come over with my weed eater and open the trail up some.  I know you need a permit to use a chainsaw but is a weed eater  OK ?   Whoever has trimmed the power line sections of the trails did a nice job of trimming THANKS!  GREAT place to ride its really in nice shape and something for everyone. My hats off to HMBA volunteer s that do trailwork.     Its amazing how quickly it drys out compared to Fort Harrison. 
What a surprise last week when PIVOT Reps from Arizona  were at SWP with a fleet of demos.    Rode a $6200. Pivot MTB for over 1.5hrs.    WOW! NICE Bike!

Dave G.:
PM sent.


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