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Storm Clean up: Monday May 20th


Thursday's storm brought down a lot of trees at Town Run.  More strong storms are forecasted for Sunday.  So we will be clearing the trails on Monday, May 20th.
Meet in the main parking lot between 5:00PM and 6:00PM. 

The trails are closed until repairs are made.

several crews ran chainsaws this weekend.  Still more trees to cut out and lots and lots of hand work to clear cut logs, trim back smaller branches, and repair the trail tread.
I will head out at 5:00PM (Monday May 20th) to saw the last mile of the trail. I will come back to the parking lot at 6:00PM.
If you can arrive at 5:00PM, you can come with me.  If  you arrive between 5:00PM and 6:00PM and want to get started, grab a tool and hike the trail back wards. 

Those who arrive at 6:00PM will head out the normal direction.  If you arrive after 6:00PM, grab a tool and hike in normal direction until you catch up.
We need lots of hand saws, we have some, but if you have a hand saw or clipper, please bring it. 


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