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Town Run Closed: April 20


We had a 10.4' river crest on Monday April 22nd.  This floods several sections of the trail.  It will take a 4 to 8 days for the water to drain and then for the trails to dry out.

Still closed.  Just as things were drying up, Thurday's rains caused another flood. This flood was a big one, and put some trails under 5' of water.  It will be a while until things dryout.

Work session tonight (Monday May 6th) to clear flood debris. Meet along Crystal Lake Drive at 6:00PM

Town Run is open.  Please watch the weather the next couple days. The trail will need a day or two to dry out from any rain.
Trail work session this Saturday. We are working from Crysal Lake Rd from 8:00AM to 3:00PM
Rock arming and Trimming/honeysuckle removal are the main objectives.


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