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Trail work day to repair washout (open South Loop)


Trail Work Session
Friday April 19th
8:00AM to 7:00PM
Meet along Crystal Lake Drive

 The low section of the trail, just past talking tree, gets hit hard with each flood. Water flows from the river to the lake as the River floods, and back from the Lake to the river as the river level drops. This causes erosion in the channel. We will be bringing in 18 tons of limestone plates to better armor the trail through this area. This will allow the trail to be reopened sooner after each flood event. Later this summer, we will be doing additional armoring to protect the channel from further erosion.
 This is an all-day project, but volunteers can come for as long or short a time as they have available. Volunteering, even if just for an hour will really help us complete this task and get the full loop reopened. Work will be starting at 8:00AM and run till 7:00PM. Come out whenever you have time. Please do not feel bad about coming out even for just an hour or two.  HMBA will provide tools.
 The work site is along Crystal Lake Drive. Follow Crystal Lake Drive until you see us set up along the road.
 Note, this is Good Friday. If you do not have the day off, please come out after work and help us finish up.

we are on for tomorrow.  Slight chance of rain, so bring rain gear.  The rocks are being delivered and we need to move them off the road at a bare minimum.  Ideally we can armor the drainage.


Steve King:
Thanks to everyone that came out and helped with the repairs.  The last picture is the finished product!  Thanks!


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