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Town Run Open only to Talking Tree


The Crystal Lake and South of 465 sections of the trail are closed.  There is a large trail closed sign on the outbound trail at talking tree.
The trail closure is due to the current condition of the washout between the river and Crystal Lake.  The crossing, in its current shape is not safe for intermediate trail users.

Please do not go past the trail closure sign for the following reasons
1) Safety:  The entrance to the wash out is steeper than in the past and rocks in the crossing are dislodged and loose.  While some riders may feel that they are capable of riding it or walking it, going past the trail closure sign encourages others who see you to also go past the sign. because the steep entrance, riders will likely not have time to stop once they realize the risk.
2) Minimize work to fix issue:  Riders going around (on foot or bike) create more damage that our volunteers will have to repair. Please respect our volunteers
3) Advocacy:  Fighting for mtb access in Indianapolis is a difficult task. When mountain bikers do not obey trail closures it makes advocating for access harder.  Why would a land manager want to open more trails to users who can not follow the rules.
4) Liability: HMBA has been sued twice. I personally was named in both suits.  Allowing a section of trail that is outside the trail ratings to be used puts HMBA and our volunteers personally at risk. 

5) Bad habit to be in:  There are a number of reasons why trails maybe closed.  Hunting, Logging, trail hazzards, trail protection, special events, etc....  when riders go past trail closed signs they put themselves and others at risk and they paint mountain bikers in a bad light. 

If you see or know anyone who does not follow trail closed signage, please put some peer pressure on them. 

We are working to repair the washout. Please see post coming shortly. 


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