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Invaluable help from BGI


Kudos to BGI and specifically service manager Mark Degunya.  He was a great help on getting the suspension setup on our mountain bike tandem.  There isn't much to choose from when it comes to tandem forks and shocks.  We chose a standard Fox Float 34 SC fork and Fox Float DPS shock knowing they were not going to be valved correctly for the application.  On the first ride it was obvious the suspension was too stiff.  Working with Mark we concluded there needs to be less compression damping and more rebound.  Mark contacted Fox to verify our assessment and give them all the info they needed to ensure quick turnaround.  I sent the fork and shock to Fox and they turned them around in one day with expedited return shipping.  All at no cost to me.  The bike now rides really well and is a joyous adventure every time.  Thanks to Mark at BGI.  He is a wealth of knowledge on modern mountain bike technology.

+1 For Mark, great guy and great service department


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